White Label

Minimum purchase $12,000.00 US

Subject to 48 units per SKU

Additional Marketing support (co-op advertising opportunities)

Follow-up orders will be qualified to the same program without a minimum dollar amount purchase but subject to the 12-pack SKU packaging of the first initial product.


Non-Compete Policy

As a wholesaler, Zamani Organics will never engage in retail sales, advertise or compete with its distributors.  Its website will only promote wholesale distribution and will provide guidance on suggested retail pricing.

Zamani website will be wealth of information related to the development of the CBD industry and consumer education.


Orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.  Orders are processed upon receipt and will notify once shipment is ready.


Shipping and Packaging – 2% of invoice total with a minimum of $25.00


Damaged product will be replaced at no charge including shipping, but there is not returns allowed on merchandise.


In order to design your personalized label for your product, the label is required by law to have specific information.

Your label is required to have this information and cannot be modified or altered in any way.

In most cases, you will be allowed approximately a third of the label for your logo and product description.

Once the design has been provided it will go through an approval process to make sure it meets all the appropriate regulations.

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